PC: Alessandro Filippini ​Top winter mountaineer in the world, Italian Simone Moro has hinted a possible attempt of the last and the most challenging K2. If undertaken successfully, this will be his fifth winter 8000er. Moro was speaking on the book launch “Siberia -71°” which narrates his first winter ascent of 3003m Pik Pobeda, the

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K2 Base Camp Tour

Two climbing permits have been issued for K2 in winters 2018-19 while one permit, reportedly, is pending for Nanga Parbat. Pakistan received several strong expeditions in the summers of 2018 with more than two dozen summit successes on K2 and several heroic high altitude rescues by the Pakistan Army Aviation pilots.  K2 Winters K2 stands

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Historic Ganish Settlement

​Another few hundred meters towards north from the central Karimabad in Hunza, lays the ancient and mesmerizing Ganish Village- humble abode of the Ganishkuz (residents of Ganish). ​Predominantly Ismaili Muslims, the Ganishkuz have retained their ancient ways of living for almost a 1000 year. Stepping into the Ganish Village catapults you right into the antiquity

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Explorers Lounge

Although the tourist season is likely to kick start full throttle after the holy month of Ramadan, the first two weeks of May, just before the start of Ramadan, are likely to hit record footfall in hotels and guesthouses in Islamabad.Islamabad being the capital and last big metropolis right at the foot of northern areas

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An outdoor excursion in the wilderness not only gives you the much needed break but it also resets the natural clock which has been rendered disoriented. With so many infrared and Microwave disruptions which are part of our daily life, human body suffers from intoxication and gradual metabolic disorders which often go undetected. Spending days

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The sickening work schedules and grueling corporate culture delivers a devastating blow to the mind and spirits of those who find their solace outdoors. Like the hibernating amphibians, these shackled wanderers wait patiently for that time of the year when they can stretch themselves and travel the uncharted territories. With the end of March, It’s the

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Polish Expedition Leader Kryzsztof Wielecki has announced the logical conclusion to this year’s Polish Expedition to K2 citing dangerous conditions and inevitable destruction of the high camps in the last three days of bad weather. Northern regions of Pakistan were pounded by heavy rain and snowfall in the last few days where Islamabad alone received

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Denis in Base Camp Afternoon Feb 26 Courtesy: TVN24.pl Heeding to his highly developed mountaineering instincts, Denis Urubko decided to abandon his summit bid on K2 and has retreated to Base Camp. Reasons stated for the retreat are high winds and bad weather. Denis left the Base Camp on Saturday, February 24th without informing the

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​Setting off on his solo bid on Saturday, February 24th, Denis has made no contact with the base even after 36 hours. Poles are now in frenzy and have already started climbing in order to secure the summit before Denis steals the show. This is ideally the vintage climbing drama which ceased to happen for

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