Simone and Tamara PC: Simone FB

Yet another fall and an even deadlier one, seems like the Gods on Gasherbrum want to send Simone and Tamara packing. Perhaps in wake of a hurriedly planned expedition it’s quite unlikely that with the stature Simone commands, they could have possibly skipped the essential details in planning the forage. This is not uncharted territory […]

Simone inside the Crevasse PC: Simone Moro FB

Battered and disappointed, the two expeditions resurfaced today after three days of continuous storm, howling winds and extreme temperatures. Just as predicted the teams have been brought back to ground zero and they are now just as good as the day they reached the base camp. Simone Moro and Tamara Lunger who have been working

Simone and Tamara escape unhurt in small crevasse collapse as the teams resurface after the stormRead More »

Denis and Don Bowie PC: Denis FB

Bad weather has hardly allowed the expeditions to venture out of the base camps as temperatures plummet up to -30 Celsius with extremely high winds all over the Baltoro. Denis and Bowie have made progress opening up track to Camp-2 utilizing old ropes fixed by the various commercial expeditions in summers. Denis has spent a

Denis spends a night in C1 while Simone struggling to cut through the Icefall at G1Read More »

Denis & Team

Two international teams have just landed at the K2 Base Camp on Godwin Austin glacier in attempts to reach the top of the great rock for the first time in winters. Denis Urubko aka the ‘Snow Leopard’ known for his magnanimous winter profile and incredible rescue operations over the years probably classify him as one

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Simone and Tamara

K2, the last of the 8000er never been climbed in winters, returns back in the lime light as two strong contingents have begun to lay siege of the treacherous rock in the Karakorum. Denis Urubko has returned with an ambitious plan to capture K2 for the first winter ascent but also to attempt the Broad

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A Hanging Miner via Hugh Brown

Gemstone mining in Pakistan dates back to the ancient times when the caravans travelling through the Silk Route bartered goods against the precious stones in Northern areas of present day Pakistan. The legendary Silk Route entered Pakistan along the banks of river Indus from far eastern valleys of Skardu and traversed through the mountainous regions

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K2 seen from Gondogoro La Pass

Standing tall and unimpressed, calling out mankind for one last great fight-K2 has remained the only 8000er in the world which has never been climbed in winters. The mammoth granite structure truly holds the crowning glory for the one who will stand on top of it for the first winter ascent. An interesting rainbow of

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Steve Swenson

While the rest of the world followed the star-studded-glamour climb of the prestigious K2, there was a silent bunch of warriors locked up in their third attempt to scale the unclimbed and highly technical Link Sar deep in the Charakusa valley of Karakoram. Although the climbers are still on their way down to the Base

Steve Swenson and team scale the elusive Link Sar deep in the Eastern KarakoramRead More »

Cimenti Cassardo

As per the latest reports, Pakistani Rescue Helicopters have evacuated Italian Climber Francesco Cassardo from Camp-1 of 6955m high Gasherbrum-Vꓲꓲ. The helis are on their way to Skardu where Cassardo will be taken to a military hospital for immediate treatment. High altitude drama returned to the Pakistani mountains when, on Saturday July 20th, 2019, Italian

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