Denis Urubko at 6200m on K2 After series of complains about the Polish Expedition that he has been part of, Denis Urubko finally decided to bid adieu to the Polish Camp on Saturday and has barged on a mindless solo winter attempt of the “King”. ​Since the beginning of the expedition on the earlier Cessen/Basque […]

Rafal Fronia being evacuated 11 feb Courtesy: Polski Himalaizm Zimowy 2016-2020 im. Artura Hajzera Expedition manager Krzysztof Wielicki has stopped all climbing on K2 after Adam Bielecki and Rafal fronia sustain serious injuries in a row. Rafal who has a broken arm was airlifted from K2 Base Camp today. Evacuation was delayed due to inclement

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Photo: Philippe Desmazes/AFP Elizabeth Revol revealed some startling details of the high drama on Nanga Parbat that ended with the sad demise of Polish climber Tomek Mackiewicz. She was speaking with Agence France-Presse (AFP), the French News agency, after she was evacuated from the Nanga Base Camp on January 28th in a joint rescue operation

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Polish Rescue team with Pakistan Army Aviation team courtesy: Syed fakhar Abbas ​Tomek Mackiewicz is the third climber in the season who has been presumed “dead and missing” on Nanga Parbat in attempts to reach the top of the Killer Mountain. Nanga is the ninth highest and one of the deadliest mountains in the world

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Dropped at 5000m at 4.50pm PST at Camp-1 on the Kinshofer, Adam Bielecki and Denis Urubko have moved with lightning speed to get on top of Kinshofer wall to reach 5900m. This feat has been accomplished with no fixed ropes possibly making use of the hard blue ice axing their way up. ​They have surpassed

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Rescue during 2011 Tourist carnage In a few hours, Pakistan Army Aviation helis will take off from Skardu to pick four Polish climbers from K2 Base Camp ferrying them to Diamir side of Nanga Parbat. Helis were not dispatched on Friday despite the approval from the concerned government sections citing nightfall and darkness. ​Rescue team

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Helis refueling at Skardu with Polish Rescue team- File photo Pakistan Army Aviation helicopters have already reached Diamir and are now contemplating the first and final pitch to latch-up Elizabeth from Camp-3 on Kinshofer. According to reliable sources, this will be the final attempt to save Eli before the search will be called off in

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Diamir Face Nanga Parbat 2015-16 Time is running out fast for Tomek Mackiewicz and Elizabeth Revol, the two climbers who launched the dreaded summit push last night on Nanga Parbat. ​ There has been no news since. ​ The Base Camp crew spotted both the climbers close to 8000m mark near the summit dome sometime late Thursday

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File Photo Rupal Face. Pakistan Army Aviation Helis used for SARs ​Elizabeth Revol’s family received a desperate Satellite phone message calling for heli rescue and financial help as they did not have security deposit for the Helicopter. ​As per the details received, Eli and Tomek got stuck at the base of the summit dome somewhere

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