​Utilizing favorable weather window, Tomek and Eli have climbed back in camp-3 at 7300m and they are likely to push for the summit tonight. There are no weather updates from the high camp with only just one message relayed by Tomek from Camp-3. “We are at 7300 a terrible fight if the summit is tomorrow” […]

Denis on Cessen winter 2017-18 courtesy: Denis Urubko ​Denis Urubko seems to have taken the lead in pitching high camps and fixing ropes on K2 all by himself while the rest of the team has avoided real action on the Savage Mountain. ​ Camp-2 on Cessen courtesy: Denis Urubko Denis updated his status indicating sickness issues

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​Lack of resources is one of the crucial constraints that the duo might be facing during their dangerous summit push for the Nanga winter summit. They have been atop the Messner-2000 route and have reportedly pushed Camp-3 a little further up to facilitate a quick charge to the summit whenever possible. ​There are no confirmed

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Noor Mahal Const 1872 The erstwhile state of Bahawalpur is the expanse of plains and desert, bounded by Sutlej, Chenab and Indus rivers towards the north and the west. The territory enclosed the Cholistan desert spread over 27,000 square kilometers. This state used to be a fertile region nourished by the Hakra river in the

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Winter Alpinism is back in full swing as two of the most difficult Pakistani 8000ers are under attack yet again. Two strong international expeditions are currently at the Base Camps of Nanga Parbat and K2 and gearing up to pitch their attempts to the top. Nanga, nick-named “The Killer”, has already been summited in winters

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Tomek Mackiewicz and Elizabeth Rivol the stubborn duo is back in Diamir to scale the ninth highest and arguably one of the most difficult 8000ers. Nanga was successfully scaled in winters for the first time in 2016 by Alex Txikon, Simone Moro and Ali Sadpara when Tomek and Rivol had already failed after repeated attempts

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For some Tomek Mackiewicz is living in a complete state of denial. Yet for many others, he is perseverance personified. This Polish Diesel Engine has fought no fewer than six bone-chilling winters with the Killer and still refuses to give up. ​Tomek Mackiewicz has a history of climbing Nanga Parbat with jaw-dropping low budgets reviving

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How to be an Ambassador: German Ambassador Martin Kobler takes diplomacy down to the basics With a shopkeeper in Peshawar Courtesy: German Embassy ​It has been hardly three months since Ambassador Martin Kobler took charge of his duties in Islamabad,  the agile diplomat has barged on a roller coaster ride to all over the country

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Led by the legendary Krzysztof Wielicki, The Polish Ice warriors are returning with full might to tame the notorious K2 which has eluded no fewer than three winter attempts on it. Wielicki, who was not able to gather enough funding last year has now revealed that he is all set to attempt the last 8000er

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