​No fewer than three expeditions have already reached Islamabad in a bid to climb the Killer Mountain Nanga Parbat for the first winter ascent while another two expeditions are scheduled to arrive in the mid of December. These renowned mountaineers, some of them attempting Nanga Parbat in winters for the sixth time are main stream

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The race to one of the esteemed mountaineering pinnacles yet to be achieved is back in the heat again as some of the most high profile winter climbers are gearing up to climb one of the only two 8000ers, K2 and Nanga Parbat yet to be climbed in winters. Given the notoriety and extreme difficulty

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As the scientists from all over the world gather to analyze the impact of the 7.9 magnitude earthquake which struck Nepal on 25th April, many are intrigued to calculate the latest height of the highest mountain on earth. Mount Everest base camp was smothered badly from the gushing ice and rock filled avalanches right after

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As the news pours in from the top of the ninth highest mountain in the world, the ambitious team has now abandoned its plan of conquering the Savage Mountain in wake of the deteriorating conditions and is now retreating to the Base Camp set up at Kinshofer Route on the Diamir Side.  The decision came

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The chase is finally in place as the team not only managed to reach Camp 4 but have now started their final summit push on the Nanga Parbat for the first winter ascent. Spaniard Alex Txikon confirmed his position in the wee hours of Friday morning, reassuring that the battle is still very much on.

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The high altitude drama at Nanga Parbat continues as the snow battered team plans to attempt for the second summit push in a matter of coming two days and conquer the 8,126 metre Savage Mountain for the first time in the dead of winters. Spaniard Alex Txikon, Italian Daniele Nardi along with Pakistani climbers Muhammad

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Time is ripe for the greatest mountaineering event of contemporary times as the sturdy international team crouches to make the final leap to the top of K-2 which has remained un-climbed in winters.  Many rightfully consider it as the last greatest feat to be achieved in the record books of mountaineering.  Being the fourth winter

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The world awaits and watch anxiously as the top climbers in the world gear up to confront the savage giant K-2 with its fury increased many folds in the rugged Karakorum winters-of what can easily be regarded as the deadliest climbing expedition imaginable. Kazak Denis Urubko, Spaniard Alex Txikon and Pole Adam Bielecki are all

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Of the many stories related to the powerful land mafia of Karachi, the latest addition to this condescending account of land grabbing involves none other than the famous Defence Housing Authority which plans to engulf no less than 490 acres of rich mangrove forest near the coastal belt of Karachi and plans to convert it

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