Nepalese prodigy, Nirmal Purja aka Nims Dai, received perhaps the strongest booster shot and a much needed pat on his back for his ongoing winter expedition on K2, when Reinhold Messner nominated him as the strongest contender for the current rally. Messner was answering a question on his Instagram account; “Nirmal is a great and

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True to his fame, Nims Dai and team have made some startling progress by reaching Camp-2 on the Abruzzi albeit the fact that they have not yet done proper acclimatization as conceded by Nims in his Twitter message. Arrived at camp 2. We’ll sleep here tonight. Tomorrow morning I will evaluate the team’s conditions, as

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Pakistani authorities in the past have come under fire multiple times for not promptly executing Search and Rescue Operations in the mountains. These rescue operations which are only conducted by Askari Aviation- an agency directly run by Pakistan Army Aviation and which is the sole rescue service in the region, have been repeatedly accused in

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Once known to be notorious for female climbers, K2 will be receiving first shipment of a female climber for this years’ winter rally. Celebrated Polish athlete and climber Magdalena Gorzkowska, on Saturday, announced her intention of climbing K2 for the first time in winters accompanied by two Nepalese Sherpas. This will now be the fifth

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Snow Storm on K2

‘A commercial Expedition to K2 for First Winter Ascent’ is the biggest oxymoron in recent times and probably will remain so for many years to come. In just a matter of two months, more than 30 climbers have confirmed their participation in what is now being peddled as one of the biggest gathering ever at

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Denis at 6800m Broad Peak PC: Denis via FB

Denis Urubko and his team at Broad Peak are finally all set to launch their first summit push starting tomorrow January 29th.The team has been working diligently for hours between the camps fixing ropes and hauling supplies to Camp1 and 2. The team is currently in the Base Camp waiting for a clear weather window

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Tamara after injury PC: Matteo Zanga

Mingma Gayle with his ambitious team of Sherpas and high altitude climbers from Pakistan have finally made their way deep into the Karakorum and are now heading towards the advanced Base Camp of the formidable K2. The expedition is led by Mingma from Nepal and Jon Snorri from Iceland. Other expedition members include Gao Li

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K2 seen from Gondogoro La Pass

The word Karakorum is a Turkish word which stands for “black rubble”. K-2 traces back its creation in the last of the Orogenic Movements (mountain building movement) some 300 million years ago. The Karakorum Range is believed to have buckled up and overthurst on the face of Earth when the  free-floating Indian plate collided against the pre-existing

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K2 Russian Winter Expedition 2011-12

Russian National Team Expedition for K-2 First Winter Ascent, have now successfully reached 7,200m amid fierce weather and wind speeds soaring to Hurricane levels. The team will now be pitched in the most difficult climbing area better known as the ” Death Valley” on K-2. They have already gone past the Black Pyramid and will

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