Pakistani authorities in the past have come under fire multiple times for not promptly executing Search and Rescue Operations in the mountains. These rescue operations which are only conducted by Askari Aviation- an agency directly run by Pakistan Army Aviation and which is the sole rescue service in the region, have been repeatedly accused in […]

Don and Lotta rescued by Pak Army PC:

Latest update in regards to the culmination of the Broad Peak Expedition, Lotta Hintsa posted a stunning video of the descent from one of the high camps. Interestingly, the post mentions not a single word about Denis, who the duo has decided to leave alone in the frigid Karakorum and although Denis would be a

Don and Lotta rescued by Pakistan Army Aviation, Denis remains the last man standingRead More »

Tamara after injury PC: Matteo Zanga

Mingma Gayle with his ambitious team of Sherpas and high altitude climbers from Pakistan have finally made their way deep into the Karakorum and are now heading towards the advanced Base Camp of the formidable K2. The expedition is led by Mingma from Nepal and Jon Snorri from Iceland. Other expedition members include Gao Li

Snorri and Mingma set off the K2 Winter Expedition as Simone and Tamara bid adieu to KarakorumRead More »