Nanga Parbat Circle Trek

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Nanga Parbat Circle Trek is probably one of the most sought after treks in Pakistan right after the K2 Base Camp Trek. Nanga is considered as one of the biggest mountains in the world and covers an area of about 190miles in length and 12 miles in width. Nanga Parbat is a series of mountain ranges with multiple peaks above 7000m culminating at 8125m Nanga Parbat as the ninth highest in the world. Nanga Parbat has a notorious reputation as one of the deadliest peaks in the world. Nanga is the western limit of the Himalayas and stands in isolation with rest of the 8000ers in the world.

The Circle trek around Nanga provides majestic vistas of the beautiful mountain ranges including the Mazeno, the Rupal (highest mountain face in the world with a vertical steep of 4600m), the Ganalo Peak, The Diamir Face and the scenic Riakot Face. The Indus Gorge, right next to Nanga Parbat is also the deepest mountain gorge in the world with an altitude gradient of 1200m ASL to 8125m ASL in just a matter of few miles.

enroute Diamir BC

Quick Facts

Nanga Parbat Circle Trek is the most sought after trek in Pakistan right in line with K2 Base Camp Trek. We provide services to both Independent Groups and Combined Groups.

Trek duration: 

  • 20 days (by Air)
  • 22 days (by Road)

Difficulty level: moderate to strenuous
                        (Asthma patients may encounter slight breathing problem at high altitudes)
Min Age limit: 12 years

Ideal Time: 20th June to 20th Sept

Max Altitude gain: 4700m (Mazeno La)

Min. ambient temperatures: -5°C


Day -1

  • Arrival in Islamabad
  • Airport Transfer
  • Overnight stay in Islamabad


  • Hotel Checkout
  • Transfer to Airport
  • Fly to Gilgit
  • Transfer to Hotel
  • Sightseeing in Gilgit/Groceries/preps etc


Description: Tarashing is a beautiful Campsite enroute Rupal Face of Nanga Parbat. A small hamlet of around a dozen houses, fields of barley and corn.

  • Hotel Checkout
  • Drive to Astore
  • Transfer to 4×4
  • Drive to Tarashing
  • Night in Camps
  • Drive: 5-7 Hours
  • Altitude: 2900m ASL

Day-4 (Trek to Herrligkoffer Base Camp Rupal Face)

Description: This is a relatively large settlement of people predominantly of Balti origin although shina is still widely spoken. There are two different locations comprising of Upper Rupal and Lower Rupal with villages. The houses are built in century’s old-fashioned style including lower sections for winter residence and upper sections for summers. After trekking through rich coniferous forest and a small lake, the trek leads to the Herligkoffer Base Camp named after the famous German Expedition leader Dr. Karl Herrligkoffer. Herrligkoffer led no fewer than eight expeditions to Nanga Parbat including the first ascent via Raikot Face by Herman Buhl and first ascent via Diamir Face by Reinhold Messner.

  • Night in Camps
  • Trek: 5-6 Hours
  • Altitude: 3500m ASL

Day-5 (Free Day)

Day-6 (Trek to Latobah Meadows)

Description: Latobah or Latboi (local dialect) means ‘stony place’. It’s a wide valley spotted with few scattered summer houses and a local village. People are friendly and are not camera shy. Group can either camp here or march another 30-minustes to Shaigri for another scenic campsite. Common custom of this campsite is to sacrifice a goat and share the feast with the locals although it’s not mandatory.

  • Night in Camps
  • Trek: 3-4 Hours
  • Altitude: 3650m ASL

Day-7 (Trek to Mazeno Base Camp)

Description: the trek continues up along the Rupal River towards the Mazeno Base Camp with breathtaking views of Rupal Glacier, Abom Pass and Laila Peak in the distance. The campsite is on a scenic green valley with lots of natural water streams in surroundings.

  • Night in Camps
  • Trek: 4-5 Hours
  • Altitude: 4000m ASL

Day-8 (Trek to Mazeno High Camp)

Description: today is the day when the acclimatization drill of the group will pay off. A steep ascent over the glacier above the tree line. Trekking up and around the Mazeno Glacier will gradually take you to the other side of Nanga Parbat.

  • Night in Camps
  • Trek: 5-6 Hours
  • Altitude: 4700m ASL

Day-9 (Trek to Upper Loiba Meadows)

Description: the longest day on the trek, the day starts an hour before sunrise in order to cross the Mazeno Pass while the snow on it is cold and stiff. The ascent is not very demanding but the descent on the other side requires safety measures for which climbing gear is brought into action including harnesses, ropes, carabineers and axes etc. The campsite Upper Loiba is alongside Loiba glacier.

  • Night in Camps
  • Trek: 10-11 Hours
  • Altitude: 4000m ASL

Day-10 (Trek to Kutgali)

Description: The trek gradually descends again into scenic and thick coniferous forest of the Diamir Face of Nanga Parbat. Kutgali is the last summer settlement of the herders of this area before heading to the Diamir Base Camp where they take their cattle in search of rich grazing grounds.

  • Night in Camps
  • Trek: 7-8 Hours
  • Altitude: 3200m ASL

Day-11 (Free day at Kutgali)

Description: Day trip to Nanga Parbat Base Camp Diamir Face (West Face) Diamir Face (West Face) of Nanga Parbat is the most busy face of Nanga Parbat as it is more frequently chosen by climbers to climb the mountain via Kinshofer Route. The trek towards base camp from Kutgali opens up into vast sprawling meadows on each side of the Diamir River coming straight from Diamir glacier. There is normally a substantial gathering of climbers at the Base Camp during climbing season.

  • Night in Camps
  • Trek: 5-6 Hours
  • Altitude: 4200m ASL

Day-12 (Trek to Karu Sagar)

Description: Ascending from Kutgali the trek crosses over to Karu Sagar pass at above 4000m ASL and descends steeply on the other side.

  • Night in Camps
  • Trek: 8-10 Hours
  • Altitude: 2500m ASL

Day-13 (Trek to Gutum Sagar)

Description: The trek continues under the shadow of Ganalo Peak standing at 6550m ASL.

  • Night in Camps
  • Trek: 5-6 Hours
  • Altitude: 3500m ASL

Day-14 (Trek to Juliper High Camp)

Description: the final pass on the trek Juliper Pass offers astounding views of Nanga Parbat. The trek goes through the middle of North Juliper and South Juliper peaks and descends steeply on the other side.

  • Night in Camps
  • Trek: 5-6 Hours
  • Altitude: 4400m ASL

Day-15 (Trek to Beyal)

Description: Trek to Beyal takes us back into civilization with log huts and small hotels available for tourists visiting the famous FairyMeadows just two hours walk from Beyal.

  • Night in Log Huts
  • Trek: 5-6 Hours
  • Altitude: 3350m ASL

Day-16 (Free day at Beyal/Trek to Nanga Parbat Base Camp Raikot Face (North Face)

Description: Raikot Face (North Face) of Nanga Parbat is significant because this is the face where Nanga was first climbed by Herman Buhl in 1953. Although this face is not frequented by climbers due to difficulties involved. Raikot Face is also said to be the easiest approach to the Base Camp of any 8000er in the world. 

  • Night in Log Huts
  • Trek: 5-6 Hours
  • Altitude: 3200m ASL

Day-17 (Free Day at FairyMeadows/Visit of Polo Ground/Lake/sightseeing)

Description: FairyMeadows is one of the famous tourist destinations in Pakistan which offers a piece of heaven. This lace was named by a Japanese traveller who was stunned by the beauty of this place.

  • Farewell night with bonfire/Barbecue/Music
  • Night in Log Huts
  • Altitude: 3200m ASL

Day-18 (Trek to Tatto Village)

  • Jeep ride to Raikot Bridge Karakorum Highway
  • Transfer to Coaster
  • Drive to Gilgit
  • Night in Hotel


  • Transfer to Airport
  • Fly to Islamabad
  • Overnight in Hotel

Day-20 (FLY OFF)

Note: Additional 02 days in case of choosing to travel by road

*********************End of Itinerary***************

Terms & Conditions

For 02 persons:  2400 USD per person (Independent Group)
For 02 persons:  2200 USD per person (Combined with local/other foreign Group)
For 04 persons:  2000 USD per person (Independent Group)
For 04 persons:  1900 USD per person (Combined with local/other foreign Group)
For 06 persons:  1800 USD per person (Independent Group)
For 08 persons:  1700 USD per person (Independent Group)
For 10 persons:  1600 USD per person (Independent Group) 

Cost Includes:

  • Invitation letters for Visa facilitation/All paperwork in Pakistan/NOC’s/permits/Briefings/De-Briefings at Alpine Club etc
  • All meals Breakfast/lunch/dinner (Desi/Continental) throughout the tour and Trek (Annexure-C Food Articles)
  • Air-conditioned luxury Coaster (22-seater)
  • 4×4 Jeeps (willeys, Toyota FJ40 etc)
  • All hotel accommodation (double/triple sharing)
  • All camping (double/triple sharing)
  • All Camping charges/Concordia environment fee etc
  • Ropes/carabineers/harnesses/gaiters/raincoats etc wherever required
  • On-board snacks and drinks (ice box) during long travels
  • Licensed Tour Guide
  • Portage of up to 5.5kgs (extra weight will be carried on extra charges)
  • Mattress
  • Kitchen utensils
  • Kerosene stove with kerosene
  • Mess Tent
  • Toilet Tents and toiletries
  • Mess Table and chairs
  • Generator with fuel
  • Supplies groceries as per Annexure-C
  • Rations for porters
  • Porters/cooks/guides
  • High Altitude Porters (HAPs) and climbers for crossing GGLA
  • Basic First aid
  • Toll taxes/GGLA crossing charges/ NOC/ Permits other taxes
  • All transportation from and to Islamabad Airport
  • Satellite phone for incoming & outgoing on payment

Cost does not include:

  • Air tickets (national or International)
  • Visa fee
  • Travel Insurance
  • Personal clothing
  • Laundry
  • Rescue/evacuation

Essentials to bring along:

  • Warm clothing, fleece, jackets, headgear. Gloves
  • Personnel sleeping bags
  • Raincoats
  • Sunglasses UV protective
  • Sunblock SPF 80+
  • Rucksack of up to ~30L (trolley bags/handbags/loose bags will not be allowed to be carried while trekking)
  • Good quality water resistant trekking shoes (preferably ankle-length)

Pakistan Explorer disciplinary policy:

  • In wake of unexpected and incidental scenarios e.g. heavy rains/landslide/road blockage/security concerns, PE management will take appropriate measures to continue or disengage the tour (cancellation/refund rules applicable)
  • Hotel rooms on double sharing
  • Camps on double sharing 
  • While Guests are encouraged to photograph and record places during their visit, they must respect the local community/houses and their privacy
  • Guests are strictly advised to use life jackets while swimming or engaging in water sports. PE will not be responsible for any accident encountered in such a scenario 
  • Guests are bound to follow the instructions of the team leader/guide/HAP while crossing dangerous routes or else he/she will not be allowed to proceed further 


All cancellations must be notified in writing to Pakistan Explorer.  Cancellation charges will be levied as follows:-

If canceled by the client;

  • Whenever canceled by the client, the bank charges for both sides from the advance will be paid by the client
  • If canceled by the client any time after the commencement of the trip, or after deposit of advance due to any reason whatsoever, No refund will be given on any unutilized services other than hotels, meals which are subject to cancellation charges accordingly
  • If the trekking/expedition is cancelled by the client, government rules will be applied for the refund of Trekking Fee/climbing permits etc.

If canceled by Pakistan Explorer;

  • If the tour is canceled by Pakistan Explorer citing unfavorable conditions e.g. accident, landslide, flooding, incident of terrorism, wide spread epidemic and other such happenings which are truly incidental and has no participation of either client or Pakistan Explorer, and no alternate destination/arrangement/tour has not been mutually agreed upon by both client and Pakistan Explorer, client will be refunded for whatever unutilized service like hotel accommodation, meals, transportation etc. however, charges for trekking fee/climbing permits and other nonrefundable government charges will not be refunded

Liabilities and Responsibilities of Pakistan Explorer:

  • All provisional reservation must reach us in writing well in advance before your arrival in Pakistan. No deposits are necessary for making any provisional reservations.
  • All provisional reservations are subject to confirmation on deposit of USD 400/= per pax advance payment into our account before arrival of the group/client in Pakistan. The balance amount must be paid on arrival in Pakistan.
  • Scan/copy of passport along with two passport size photographs will be required to issue invitation letter for Pakistan Visa application
  • Signed/scanned copy of the tour itinerary along with terms and conditions mentioned above, separately by each member of the group shall be sent via e-mail to Pakistan Explorer in order to dispatch Visa Invitation Letters
  • Pakistan Explorer is a registered Travel company bearing National Taxation Number (NTN: 7187922-0) and is registered with Ministry of Tourism, Department of Tourist Services (DTS-2117)providing complete assistance to tourist and climbing expeditions from across the world.

Confirmation and Payment Mode:

  • For Online Deposits:
    Account Title: Pakistan Explorer
    A/c #: 001005077804
    Branch Code: 0131
    IBAN: PK75ALFH0131001005077804
    Bank Alfalah F-10 Markaz, Islamabad

    For more queries and info Contact:
    Pakistan Explorer House
    287, Main Sumbal Road F-10/4 Islamabad, 44000
    Cell: 0092-315-5368223
    Note: Pakistan Explorer is a registered Travel & Media Company based in Islamabad, Pakistan (NTN: 7187922-0 DTS: 2117)