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Diamir Base Camp Nanga Parbat
Diamir Base Camp Nanga Parbat

Nanga Parbat Diamir Base Camp Trek

​The other face of Nanga Parbat…
Contrary to the much visited Fairy Meadows and Raikot face of Nanga Parbat, Diamir aka Diamoro (in local dialect) is much rugged, long and a raw trek. It takes a painstaking three days of a continuous trek to reach the south-western face of the mountain from where one can directly see the main summit standing at an altitude of 8,125m.
Diamir Base Camp is particularly notable for its rich history of climbing expeditions spanning for more than 100 years. From the early days of imperial expeditions to the mainstream explorers, all the way to the renegade Hippy climbing bums, Daimir Face has been the center of attraction thereby boasting of a unique climbing history unlike any other face of the mountain.
Experience eight days in completely unspoiled wilderness while enjoying the breathtaking views all around the base camp.
Explorers will get a chance to learn about Glaciology, oroganic (Mountain building) movements, climbing history of Nanga Parbat, wildlife, Geology of th
e area through our seasoned explorers and guides.
Duration: 08 Days – 09 Nights
Ideal Time to Visit: June to October

For 02 persons: 1400 USD per person
For 04 persons: 1200 USD per person
For 06 persons: 1000 USD per person
For 08 persons: 800 USD per person

For 10 persons: 700 USD per person

Expected ambient temperatures:

June to August
15° C < Chilas < 30° C
10° C < Jail Village < 20° C
05° C < Ser Village < 15° C
5° C < Katal Village < 10° C
0° C < Nanga Parbat Base Camp < 05° C

July to October
15° C < Chilas < 25° C
5° C < Jail Village < 15° C
0° C < Ser Village < 10° C
0° C < Katal Village < 5° C
-5° C < Nanga Parbat Base Camp < 05° C

Difficulty level: Demanding
Asthma patients may encounter slight breathing problem at high altitudes

Tour Itinerary:

Day 1:
– Arrival in Islamabad, Airport Transfer,
– Overnight stay at Explorers Lounge Islamabad
– Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner

Day 2:
– Departure for Chillas at 0700HRS via air-conditioned coasters
– Breakfast at Kiwai or any suitable loc

– Lunch at Baisal
– Arrival in Chillas
– Transfer to rooms
– Dinner

Day 3:
– Breakfast at 07:00 am.
– Hotel check-out
– Departure for Jail Village at 08:00 am via Buner Das on 4×4. 

– Light Lunch en-route to Jail Village while trekking. 
– Reach Jail Village around 04:00 pm.
– shifting in camps
– Sightseeing in Jail Village. Dinner at 08:00 pm.

Day 4:
– Breakfast at 07:00 am.
– Departure for Katal Village at 08:00 am. Light lunch en-route to Katal Village.
– Reach Katal Village around 05:00 pm. Sightseeing. Mesmerizing view of the Killer Mountain.
– Dinner at 08 pm. 

Day 5:
– Breakfast at 07:00 am.
– Departure for Nanga Parbat Base Camp Diamir Face at 08:00 am.
– Reach the camping site at Base Camp around 01:00 pm.
– Lunch Sightseeing. Photography. Bonfire and Live BBQ at Night. 

Day 6:
– Rest & Sightseeing at base camp. (Trekking to forward Base Camp Messner/Kinshofer route – Optional)

Day 7:
– Breakfast at 06:00 am.
– Departure for Ser Village at 07:30 am.
– Light lunch en-route to Ser Village. Reach the village around 05:00 pm.
– Shifting to camps
– Dinner at 08:00 pm. 

Day 8:
– Breakfast at 07:00 am.
– Departure for Chillas at 08:00 am. Light lunch en-route to Chillas. Reach Chillas around 07:00 pm.
– Hotel check-in.
– Dinner at 08:00 pm. 

Day 9:
​- Breakfast at 06:00 am.
– Departure for Islamabad at 07:00 am. Lunch at Naran. 
– Stay at Explorers Lounge Islamabad
​- Airport Transfer next day

Pakistan Explorer disciplinary policy:
In wake of unexpected and incidental scenarios e.g. heavy rains/landslide/road blockage/security concerns, PE management will take appropriate measures to continue or disengage the tour
Explorers will share rooms with fellow explorers at Chilas and Astore
In case of the absence of a fellow female explorer, Female explorers will be provided separate room with no extra charges
Explorers will share camps at Deosai with fellow explorers on basis of two-three persons per camp. 
In case of the absence of a fellow female explorer, Female explorers will be provided separate camps with no extra charges
In wake of unexpected incidents, Pakistan Explorer reserves the right to cancel the tour at any time and members/company will be eligible for a full refund
while explorers are encouraged to photograph and record places during their visit, they must respect the local community/houses and their privacy
Explorers are strictly advised to use life jackets while swimming or engaging in water sports. PE will not be responsible for any accident encountered in such a scenario. ​
Explorers are advised not to venture off without prior information to the tour guide
Services include:
– Invitation Letter/Accommodation confirmation etc for Visa processing
​- All NOC’s permits and approvals

– Airport Transfers on Arrival and departure
– Luxury coaster Air-conditioned from Islamabad to Chillas and back to Islamabad
– Fuel & Toll Taxes -Entry tickets 
– 4 x 4 Jeeps from Chillas to Jail Village and back to Chillas
– 3 star accommodation in Islamabad and Chillas 
– Portage from Tatto village to Diamir Base Camp (10 kg per person)
– Camping at Jail Village/Katal Village and Base Camp (all gear will be provided)
– All meals including Continental breakfast Lunch (2 course) Dinner (2 course)
– Refreshments along the trek
– Camps, sleeping bags, mattresses
– Bar-b-cue/Bon fire at Diamir Base Camp farewell night
– Boarding Lodging of local security Personel from Police department

Services do not include:
– Visa Fee
– Air Tickets
-Personal clothing/rain coats/trekking shoes/walking sticks/sleeping bags etc
-Phone calls/laundry/insurance/rescue/medical support

​For Online Deposits:
Account Title: Pakistan Explorer
A/c #: 001005077804
Branch Code: 0131
IBAN: PK75ALFH0131001005077804
Bank Alfalah F-10 Markaz, Islamabad

For on-spot payments:
Pakistan Explorer House
287, Main Sumbal Road F-10/4
Islamabad, 44000
Working hours: 0900-1600 hrs
Visa, MasterCard, UnionPay, AmericanExpress, OneLink Card acceptable

For more queries and info Contact:
Pakistan Explorer House
287, Main Sumbal Road F-10/4
Islamabad, 44000
Ph: 0092-51-2370284
Cell: 0092-301 5323962, 0092-321 5797177

Let us help pack your bags to the Nanga Parbat Diamir Base Camp
The site of the formidable challenges thrown upon mankind by the ruthless Killer Giant. 
The site of the historic achievements of climbers and mountaineers for the last 100 years. 
The site from where you can actually see the 8125m peak. 
The site where Reinhold Messner lost his brother in 1978 and later discovered his body buried in the glacier. 

Note: Pakistan Explorer is a registered Travel & Media Company based in Islamabad, Pakistan (NTN: 7187922-0 DTS: 2117)


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